Note: I have not uploaded these documents because I agree with every statement within each book, but because I agree with the general argument of the work, or because I find it relevant and useful to uncovering the scriptural doctrine of the trinity. 

Early Church Fathers

CCEL: Early Church Fathers

CCEL: Additional Texts

New Advent

Samuel Clarke

Samuel Clarke’s 55 Theses

The Scripture Doctrine of the Trinity (Third Edition)

The Modest Plea

Joseph Hallet

The Belief of the Subordination of the Son

A Letter to the Authors of a Pamphlet

The Unity of God

James Pierce

Plain Christianity Defended (Part 3 and 4)

Henry Taylor

The Apology of Benjamin Ben Mordecai

John Jackson

A Collection of Queries

Three Letters to Dr. Clarke

Daniel Whitby

The Last Thoughts